ThruTracker: high-throughput software for 2-D and 3-D tracking 

ThruTracker is a powerful and free software platform for automated 2-D and 3-D video-based animal tracking. It was developed by Dr. Aaron Corcoran (UC Colorado Springs) and Dr. Tyson Hedrick (Univ. North Carolina) in collaboration with Bat Conservation International and with funding from the Department of Energy.

A free compiled version of ThruTracker for Windows is available here: 

ThruTracker 1.8.9 Installation File

ThruTracker User guide

ThruTracker Example Data

Source code for ThruTracker will be posted after publication.

ThruTracker was built to complement DLTdv8. Free downloads and tutorials of DLTdv8 are available here.

There are five tutorials for using ThruTracker:

1. Installation and Setup

2. 2D Detection and Classification

3. 3D Field Calibration

4. Making and Visualizing 3D Tracks

5. Thermal Camera Intrinsic Calibration

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