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Thermal images showing bats being tracked leaving bridges (a, b) and caves (c, d)
High-speed videos of bats hunting insects. Videos by Dr. Aaron Corcoran. Click the “Next button” to browse more videos.

Undergraduate Students at UCCS can get research experience in the lab while gaining 3 upper division course credits (Biol 4930). Check with your academic advisor about how this will fit into your graduation requirements.

What’s involved? Expect to spend about 10 hours a week working in the lab. You will contribute to on-going research projects on bat flight, surveying bats using thermal videography and studying bats at wind turbines. Most of the work is on the computer doing some combination of digitization (clicking on objects in videos) and behavioral analysis (watching videos and describing what’s going on). Each student develops a project through the semester and presents their research at the end of the semester either by oral or poster presentation. We have an hour-long meeting once every two weeks to discuss on-going research. You will also have priority for joining in on local field research outings.

Who should apply? You should consider applying if you fulfill these criteria:

  • You’re stoked on doing bat research! Watching a lecture on my research get’s you excited and you want to be a part of it!
  • You have plenty of time in your schedule to commit to 10 hours a week; you’re organized and generally do well in your classes (GPA > 3.0).
  • You’re not afraid of using computers and you’re eager to learn more.

How do I apply? Send an email to Dr. C [acorcora (at)] with the following:

  • Why you’re interested in doing research in the lab
  • Highlight any experience you have that might be relevant, including work, research and computers (these are not required, but will make your application more competitive)
  • Attach your resume and informal transcripts.

I hope to hear from you!

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